Many times, the support we need as parents of teens is support for us as we do the things we know we need to do. I have rarely worked with a parent who truly has no idea what they are doing. I hear every one of them say this but the but upon simple conversations and consultations, they know. They just can't seem to get themselves to do it. There are barriers.

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Ever heard "Put your mask on before you help others on a plane"?

We think self-care takes care of that...

"I took a warm bath so I am good now"....NO!

Moms need more!

Not Alone

A 1:1 coaching package just for those moms!


It is custom to YOUR needs!

  • Need guidance on how to navigate a tricky situation with your teens?

  • Got it

  • Need a safe and private place to vent?

  • Got it

  • Need to brush up on those Counseling skills for you teen (listening, empathizing, encouraging while you are about to rip your hair out?

  • Got it!

  • Need someone to bounce ideas off of?

  • Got it!

  • Need some encouragement, empathizing and acceptance of your own?

  • Got it!

Have your own childhood wounds to heal so you are stronger for your teens?

Got it!

Best of all, no set schedule to follow.

You will purchase 6 sessions to be used in a schedule you see fit in a 3-month period.

  • You schedule your sessions as needed.

  • Every week for 6 weeks

  • Twice a month for 3 months

  • Here and there as needed.

  • You know what you need.

$360 paid in full or two monthly payments of $190 gets you a 6 session prepaid package that is totally custom and made to fit your needs alone and no one else! You know what you need, let me help you get it! Book a free chat to get started.