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Student Success Coaching

Student Success Coaching is more than tutoring. While tutoring is a focus on particular assignments, topics and classes; Student Success Coaching includes tutoring with a more broad focus on all things student success.

In Student Success Coaching students work with a coach to learn skills that will improve their academic success and attitude for life. For example,


note taking

study methods

study habits

self advocacy

 homework management



Student Success coaching can be done online or in person so there is no NEED to be local.

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I have worked as an Academic Advisor on two college campuses and an online public school. I have also worked in student support in a public middle school. I use a combination of my educational, psych and coaching background to help your child better understand the road ahead, how he/she learns and how to use their strngths to achieve success!

Let my experience and skills help your child to achieve academic success for life!