Anytime two more people come together, and do life closely, whether by blood, or marriage...or not, you have family.

Anytime two more people come together, and do life closely, whether by blood, or marriage...or not, you have family.

Elena Shanley

Family and Teen Coach

Closing the Gap between parents and teens!

If you find that you struggle to 
say no (to kids, spouse, parents, friends…)
keep consistent expectations and enforcement
have clear rules and/or consequences
keep from yelling
keep from getting triggered every day
this Hot Mess Express Workshop is for you mama!

A one week group coaching workshop specifically for moms' of teens who want to feel confident in raising their teens, stop yelling——-start connecting——-see the light at the end of the tunnel (no it is not a train)—— and even start healing your own old wounds from childhood and keep them from negatively impacting your relationship with your kids!

Journal Prompts (to get you some insights)

Peer Support (so you won’t feel alone)

Tips and Tricks about Teens (to fill your toolbox)


Live coaching from me (to help you turn insights into breakthroughs!)

All for Only $36!

******This is an introductory price and will not be offered at this price again!!

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Why teens...

Teens are the next generation of leaders and parents.

No longer kids but not yet adults…

Teens are in a unique place between child and adult. This includes the expectations on them, maturity level, understanding and abilities. Many have additional struggles and barriers to navigate. If this is the next generation to lead in our society, how will we equip them?

-Elena Shanley

What I do....

  • I coach teens to help them

    -identify, own and use their power (maturity and independence) in a way that is helpful in their identity development and be intentional about what they will do and how they will make an impact on the world.

    -manage emotions

    -communicate more effectively

  • I coach mom’s to get the Mama Mojo back

    -dig out of the parent sham game

    -forgive yourself

    -challenge your inner critic

    -reset your minds and parenting goals

    -communicate effectively with your teens so that you can be a trusted guide in your teen’s life!

I would love to help you fill that gap in your family. Go ahead and peak around the site, you know you want to....

Where are all the parenting manuals?

Ever wonder why you can't seem to connect with your teen like you use to? Does it feel like you have no idea what is going on in his/her life? Here are 7 easy tips to create connection with your teen. Get your free copy today!

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You would think after all the years of research and shifts in parenting paradigms over so many generations we would have a better idea of how to do this gig.

Everyone has advice. But it never seems to be something that will work for your family for one reason or another. So we just ask everyone we come across until we find someone who has advice we can use or simply validates what we already believe. Most of the time struggling with -parenting shaming along the way and having to dig ourselves out of the guilt hole to carry on.

Your teen has one job!

To push boundaries, to try things out, to learn by trial and error. He is forging his own identity and you are not raising a robot. He knows what he is doing because he follows his gut.

 Teens are pushing....parents are holding their boundary. Just because things "go wrong" doesn't mean  parents are doing it wrong. It is marathon, not a sprint. 

You do not need to have all of the answers or even all of the tools on your own!!! It takes a village. Allow me to be part of your village! My free gift to you.


Elena Shanley is part of the Idaho Life Coaching Association