I support parents in rethinking their go-to parenting style to encourage their teens to thrive when shit gets real.
I encourage people to interrupt their toxic patterns and support them in developing new and healthy patterns to feel successful in life and relationships.

About Elena

My name is Elena Shanely and I am a Family and Teen Coach.A Therapist turned Life Coach.

After getting my Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy and an internship, I felt I was doing my clients a disservice. I do not agree with the labeling or the need for a diagnosis in order to help people make meaningful change int heir lives. I have a passion for families and social systems as they highly impact our behavior and beliefs.

I would love to help you fill that gap in your family. Go ahead and peak around the site, you know you want to....

Elena is completely amazing!! She is so easy to talk to, and the way she helps is beyond amazing!! She has the best way to open your eyes to new ways of thinking, without making you feel judged in ANY way!! I would recommend her to anyone who is thinking of talking with her!! She has changed my life more than I think she knows!! -Marianne S.
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Your time is now!

Are you feeling overwhelmed with the expectation of perfect parenting?

Are you noticing that your parenting style needs a boost to be able to handle the new struggles of raising a teenager?

Do you wonder if your teenager hears a single word you say?

Are you afraid that time is out or running out and you have failed as a parent?

Are you looking for more help for your teenager? Socially? Academically? Relationships? Emotionally?

You owe it to yourself to set up a FREE 30 minute consultation and get the help you need!