Host a Vision Board Party


     Have you ever created a vision board? I never really had but had every intention of creating an amazing vision board for 2018! I bought a board and made sure I had glue, markers, scissors and everything! As the month of January slipped past me, virtually undetected, I knew I would need more than simply materials to complete my vision board. I needed some motivation.... I decided to have some friends over for a Vision Board party!


The first and arguably the most important thing to do is set it! Pick a  date and time and set it. I used a Facebook event and made a cute digital invite as well. (This makes it easy to text a follow up or even print it to mail or hand deliver!) Include all information (yes including what a vision board is....). I requested each person bring their own board as well as any printed ideas they might already have or find to add to their board. Since I did not have many magazines, I also requested each guest bring any extra magazines they did not mind cutting up or even share! I provided a quick lasagna meal and of coarse...wine!!! 

I set up very simply. one table for materials and one for working. You can clear space for use on the floor or anything! I really believe the more casual the better. The material table displayed glue, scissors, stickers, markers and other fun additions. I also had a few extra poster boards and just a few magazines (just in case anyone forgot or was unable to bring any) At the last minute, I decided to have a champagne toast similar to the new year toast (I went alcohol free sparkling apple cider so we could have wine instead throughout the party.)

After the toast. I distributed a sheet I had created including thoughtful questions to help us get in the open mindset. Music played in the background to add to the mood. Then I simply opened it up and invited everyone to get started in any order or way they felt moved. I feel the less direction the better creativity for each guest. When the night had ended we had some boards of mostly words and quotes as well as boards with mostly pictures. Each person had her own set up and organization for her board. It was amazing and sparked beautiful conversation!

This particular party was all women and we discovered some similar themes among us. You could open up a vision board party to family boards or individual boards. You could have men, women, children or even a blended open party! I planned on a two hour window but it ran over and we really enjoyed the conversation around the creation. In the future, I would set it for at least 3 hours. There was so much rich conversation to enjoy!

Sample questions included on my planning question sheet:

What would your perfect life feel like? Look like? Taste like? Smell like or sound like?

What have you always wanted to do or have but never started?

What do you wish you had more time for in your life?

What brings you joy?

What type of person do you want to be?

What motivates you?

Books I will read

Places I will go

Things I will do

A bad habit I will break

A new skill I will learn

A person I hope to be like

I am going to better at...


You could also include topics to brainstorm. Here are some examples...

Family    Social     Health/Fitness  Spiritual   Financial   Dreams   Mental    Professional  Hobby

Now get out there and host your own Vision Board Party!