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Coaching Vs. Counseling

 "Why choose Coaching Elena?"

I get asked this question frequently. Often by family members and friends and often followed by, "You went to school and got your Masters Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy. Why don't you do therapy anymore?"

There is one BIG of reason why...

I chose coaching for the simple fact that I feel my clients work for what they want and therefore get it! When I practiced therapy, I felt like clients in my office where not really seeking change. They were satisfying a requirement for medication, to stay married or court orders. Going through motions. 

Maybe it was because insurance covered it, so there was really no "skin in the game" and maybe they were not motivated by a therapist or an "expert" telling them where they should be or what is wrong and feeling judged. That the therapist knows the answer to problems, but will not tell.

As a coach, I have freedom and flexibility to allow my client to be the expert and many of them truly want the change! I find my clients are motivated by me showing that I am a regular and authentic person who can support, encourage and help them in accountability while they reach their own goals and desires!

My education was not a waste of time and money. It helps me to be e better coach in that I my niche is families and relationships. I learned about the function, diversity, development and construction of families, relationships, self and community. Between my education and my experiences I am authentic, and can relate better to my clients! 

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