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What do you believe about your country?

Male, 16

I think it is going downhill. For example the feminist movement has gotten so bad that some guys are losing their jobs because they give wrong looks or make joke that are taken out of proportion. Women have more of a say because because they have more of a victim role or can play it better than men. Some men are really doing horrible things to women and some women take advantage of the victim role and it is out of hand. Some things are unfair because it can be the same thing but okay for one but not another. SO like, in bar a man can slap a woman on the butt and it could be he is seen as a jerk but if a woman did the same it would be seen a t flirty and cute. If a man hits a woman it is automatically abusive but if a woman hits a man she was just defending herself or being strong. Other movements are not great. I think people with a movement should have a website or Facebook, build support but not riot or protesting.