What do you believe about school?...These Teens Today

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What do you believe about school?

Female, 16

I believe that school is everything that we need. But they say they are preparing us for life and really all they're preparing us to see that we can't trust people. That's how life is you can't really trust people but then we end up building on the walls and then the teacher wonders why you were so upset inside, and why we don't see or think, or I'm totally want to see because we love these walls because they show us that we can't trust people.

He just gave us deadlines yet it takes them all semester to grade our paper from the very beginning of it. We are told that this needs to happen we need to write a certain way we must be perfect in every way you must have good grades he must have this must have that.

 School is like a society it creates these images of what we're supposed to be like yet nobody ever reaches them and as soon as they do all you get is a pat on the shoulder and says nice. School is turning the teenagers and Millennials how we hate people they are because we're so focused on technology. Now because we're using technology to do research for assignments to finish an assignment to turn it in the schools are teaching us to use technology at our fingertips 24/7 and not use a textbook or use paper or anything yet we are getting looked down at because it's all we ever do is have a phone or some electronic device in her hand because that is what we are taught. We are not taught about life we are taught technology to have everything at our hand yeah what are we supposed to do with everything at our hands if we're not taught how to use it.

School has guidelines and we have to learn certain things, but really when am I ever going to use world history and when am I ever going to bring up the Rosetta Stone in a conversation? I am not going to be a history major of the world and how the Inca people became. I'm going to be doing surgeries I don't really need to know the history of why they choose a snake and Eagle on a cactus for their flat. I only need to know about the chemical stuff. I need to know how the body and the brain works. Yes it is great for us to expand our Horizons but how far is too far. It's great that we get other knowledge of people around us but at the same time why you known to the people around us is all we do is turn out.

School get us ready for society. Not for life getting us ready for life would be a taxes and stress and not being able to pay bills and maybe not being food on the table for my family. Not, "Oh can I turn this paper in on time". Or "How fast can I read 200 words." Or "How many push-ups can I do in a minute? how many sit-ups can I do in a minute?"

Yes physical health is great but I'm not going to use that in life. When am I ever going to go to a job interview and they're going to ask me how many sit-ups can you do in a minute. They're going to ask me what my GPA is and I'm going to have to frown and tuck my head down because I might have to tell them that my GPA is a 3.0 or 2.5 because I can't understand what my teacher was teaching you but she got all the credit because the kids all knew what she was doing, got good grades so the teacher good all the credit and I just look like a failure. Although I'm trying my hardest and I'm trying to get help from my teachers I still get looked down on because I can't meet their standards.

My favorite picture is a fish in a bowl and an elephant and then a bird and the same test is given to where they have to climb a tree. You can't expect people to learn the same way so I teach the same way. And if you can get people to learn the same way and why give the teachers the credit if you can't get the student the credit for the hard work they been putting in. If the students cannot stand it it more than 80% of the class.