My Dream for You...A letter for the teens of today.

My Dream for You (1).png

I wrote this with my kids and many other teens I have found myself so fond of in mind. I dedicate it to them and share it with you all!!


My dream for you. A letter to to the teens of today.


My dream for you is...


To have enough confidence to go for your dreams, yet enough humility to take others with you on the way to the top.

To find true love. Not necessarily romantic love, but true love where you choose each other and stick around through crappy stuff.

To have huge dreams of your own. Not so you can continuously compare where you are to what you want in a way that creates anxiety, but rather fosters excitement and ambition.

To find something you are passionate about and do it fully, learn it fully and share it fully

To be honest with yourself and a few chosen others, share your fears, dreams and questions in a safe place.

To do things that scare you but make you better.

To find your voice and use it, ask for what you need, question what you do not understand and share your ideas with the world.

To know you create your own identity, based on your own choices.

To have a positive impact on others and allow others to have a positive impact on you.

To have a positive and helpful relationship with failure, let it be a teacher for you and help you become better.

To know you are not and do not have to be perfect, You will make mistakes, we all do, but you will recover to make more. It is an endless cycle of life you never grow out of.

My dream for you is to be okay with that.