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Male 16

What do you believe about teens?

They really just need to suck it up! They are often drama queens but people are in competition for who has the worst life. Most of these kids have great lives and do not even realize it. Many people do not even have what these kids have. Everyone has their own different problems and deal it in different ways. They should all know that anything that improves your life is technology, not just computers.

"What do you wish adults knew?" ...These Teens Today

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Female, age 12

What do you wish adults knew?

Response- "I wish adults knew that you can't be the perfect child they intended you to be. Like "Oh you have to get A+'s all through your life or else...." when they don't understand how hard it is to be going to school, trying to earn good grades, maybe playing sports, doing homework most of the time, and having a social life with LOTS of Drama all at once puts a lot of pressure on us and our parents NEVER understand that, WE WILL NEVER BE PERFECT CHILDREN. "

"What do You believe about school?" ...These Teens Today

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Male, age 16

What do you believe about school?

Response- "It is important but things can be better. If Teachers made better wages, there might be more people who want to be teachers. More 1:1 time with students would be good too. If teacher made more money there would be more teachers and there would be more 1:1 time. I feel like some teachers do not want to be there because some students are brats and it doesn't seem like they are paid fairly for what they put up with. It is really more about what a student puts into school. The student's who complain most are often jerks anyway. Some teachers are bad though. Some really love it and work well with kids, then some think you should get it on the first try and they do not realize that things are not always black and white."

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