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New teachers need to have more control and more consequences to progress. Adults need to quit yelling! Just talk soft and go to counseling. Sometime I find it hard to tell if someone is mad or just loud. Adults seem to think they are the law! Even though they have strict childhoods, they just need to take a chill pill. Don't try fit in with the teenagers or the trends. If you are over 45, do not walk down the street in your bikini or swimsuit. Go ahead and wear it to the pool but do not wear it walking down the street in it. (Male, 16)

I believe every adult is different, like teens. Adults are not bad, they were teens once but there are some who think that because they have matured they think teens should be more mature. When teens do dumb things they are not stupid, they just want to have fun. We know they are protecting us but it's just a very different perspective. (Male, 16)

They think that you have to be have straight A. You can’t make a mistake ever you can’t ever have a bad grade. It’s just kinda hard. (Female, 13)

They are wise but can also be idiots (Female, 14)

I believe that they don't understand what school and friends are like because they grew up in a different generation and had different learning techniques and thins like that. (Female, 13)

I believe that adults think they rule. The rule the world they are bigger and better then anyone. Now not all some adults are like this some are pretty legit. Adults like to take down the thoughts of kids. Adults are very close minded as well. They don’t want things to change or grow. When I usually speak my mind they say “no that’s not right” and just shit me down because I’m not in their older group of adults. Age should not be a thing to stand in our way of thinking. We are humans, yes we are all different. But we all have good ideas and if you shut them out the world won’t progress (Female, 16)

Sometimes adults can be dumber then kids. Just because they are adults doesn’t mean they are always right and you have to listen to them. (Female, 14)

They can't help with everything. (Female, 14)

I believe adults need to also realize that not everything they hear or see is true, find resources that can be trusted, not a celebrity with political views. We've been taught this since primary school. (Female, 14)

They are to judgy (Female, 13)

I believe that adults need help. They think they know everything because of their age because of how many years they've lived and how much they've gone through but really they don't know a thing. Now neither do teenagers but we all have something figured out. Parents know how to fix what they've gone through what they don't know is how to fix what the child is going through because what they went through in the 80s is completely different to what their children are going there now. Adult look down at teenagers and Millennials for instance because we use technology we don't know how to do this we don't know how to do this yet if you look at their generation and the generation before them if you look at her grandparents and they were laughing at our parents currently because they didn't know how to do the same things. Adults think they have a figure it out when really they had the same amount of knowledge as we do. They think they are smart because they've gone through situations like we have really they're dumb because our situation is 10 times worse or completely different from what they had to go through. Get the things at the same solution work the same solution doesn't work for everybody just like the same shoe won't fit every person in the world. (Female)

I get angry with adults sometimes. they think because we are only teens, that we don’t know what we are talking about. I also feel like adults are too corrupt. but without adults, we wouldn’t be here, so I have to give them that. at least to my parents, who i know worked their butts off for me to be here and doing what I love. (Female, 15)

They can do what they want (Female, 13)

Adults are people who are always there for you. They been through what all teens when through. They are the best people to talk to in a hole bunch of situations. (Female, 13)

That they embarrass the crap our of teens! In public, they always say the most inconvenient things. We need our space sometimes. (Female, 14)

I believe they think we should know everything. (Female, 13)

They can teach us about life. (Female, 13)

It think that they think they know it all and that they were teens ones but life has changed a lot and so is this world and I wish that they could stop acting like they know it all and i wish they would understand how this world is changed and how we are changed with it. (Female, 12)

Adults should be more understanding, they've been what we go through so I don’t get why they pressure us kids. (Female, 13)

I believe that adults need to listen more to their teens and not shut them down about everything their teens tell them. (Female, 14)

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