social media contract.png

Is your tween or teen wanting to come into the world of social media?

  • You know this is how so many kids communicate regularly.

  • You know you cannot keep them out forever.

  • You want them to have these opportunities.

  • But there are so many fears and concerns.

There are definitely apps out there and parent controls to help keep your children safe online, but who is going to keep them posting safely and using their phone and accounts in a responsible way?

This is our job, as parents.

Teens only hold about 5-7 bits of information at a time.

Teens typically have an attention span of 10-12 minutes.

Also, to be frank, they just don't want to have these conversations (especially not over and over again).

Did you know that when we write down our intentions and expectations and sign our names to them we are far more likely to abide by them?

This is why the adulting world uses contracts.

This is why for a limited time I am offering a 60 minute one on one session to help you draw up your own individual contract for your tween/teen social media use for just $20!

This contract will be developed for your teen(s) with your concerns and family values in mind. We will also go over techniques you can in presenting this contract to your tween/teen for maximum buy in.


I used this very method for my son and it gave him a sense of grown up power and agency in negotiating the contract and signing his name to it!

Take advantage of this limited low cost session today.